Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 1: In My Mailbox

Have you ever been to a blog and read through there "In my Mailbox's?" I have really enjoyed reading them, so I decided to start one up! I must say, I dont get many books in my mailbox, but I will post the ones that I do!

For Week #1:

I received "Parties and Potions" by Sarah Mynlowski! I am so excited to read it! It looks really good! Here is the description on the book:

Lifes a ball when you're a witch. Literally! This year my sister Miri and I are both debuting at a magical party called a Samsorta, a debutante ball for witches. Thats right, Miri and I have just discovered that there's a teen-magic scene. Who knew? And not only do these witches use their powers to throw cool parties, but some of them also:
Zap up backstage passes to rock concert's and poof over to Paris for dinner.
Go to my school.
Are boys.
Yes, boy witches, like supercute and charming Adam, who might have a crush on me. Not that I'm interested. I have Raf. The boyfriend I'm madly in love with. Except that Raf-unlike Adam-can never, ever know I'm a witch. Unless someone tells him.

So, doesn't that sound terrific? Watch out for a review of it!

Here is the video trailer for the book:

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