Monday, January 5, 2009

Book Review: "Uglies"

Review for: “Uglies”

What if you lived in a world where a normal looking person in our time would be considered ugly in there time? What if almost everyone that was 16 and older were beautiful, pretties? What if people didn’t drive in normal cars and they never got sick, what if peoples teeth never broke, chipped, and stayed white, what if all of this was the result of a surgery that you could get when you turned 16? This is all true in Tally’s world. We are considered, “rusties” and are pretty strange to this new generation of people that are living in the future. Tally Youngblood’s best friend is just a few months older than her. When there young, it doesn’t seem like that should make a difference. However, when your best friend gets the operation before you and moves into pretty town without you, you start feeling pretty left out. So when Tally sneaks off to pretty town to visit him, on the way home she meets a girl who is the same exact age as her. She doesn’t feel as lonely now that she has a new friend to spend the months of waiting to turn 16, and one of the best parts, her and her new friend will get to have the surgery together! However, when her friend decides to run of to “the smoke”, a small town where people that decided they didn’t want to turn pretty lived, Tally is hurled into all kinds of problems. She won’t be able to turn pretty, unless she betrays the smoke. Will she not only betray her good friend, but a whole community that means so much to so many people, or will she become attached to the city after all?

This is one of my favorite books. The author did an amazing job at making you feel like you’re almost with the characters. You feel the suspense when the time is right and start to really care about the characters. The book really gives you a different view of what we “rusties” are like. Our looks are considered ugly, and throughout the story the book doesn’t really try to hide that fact, as well as the dislike of some of our ways, so it might be offending to some people, but I really enjoyed it!

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