Saturday, January 31, 2009

Book Review: "Who Made you a Princess?"

Who made you a Princess?

Shani is a teenager who has great friends, nice clothes, goes to a good school, and doesn’t always have to try to hard to get a boyfriend. The prince, Rashid, is coming to her school, and she is distantly related to him. She starts falling for him a tadge, but she still loves Danyel, doesn’t she? When Shani finds out that she has been set up by her own parents, as well as Danyel’s to get married to him, Shani is not just a little upset. Sure, if she becomes his princess she will get a bunch of houses, lots of money, and nice clothes, but what about true love? Isn’t that the point of marrying? It wouldn’t be so hard to say no to her parents, but if she does, her parent’s highly successful company will start going downward, quickly. Will Shani look to God and find the answer that she needs? Or will she go against her own will to make her parents happy? Find out in the fourth installment of the “All about us” novels!

I really liked this book. It mixed a nice amount of friends, real life problems, faith, and romance to make for a good read. It is the fourth book in the series and was the first one in the series that I have read. I didn’t feel lost and the story was still good. The author did a nice job on the book and leaves you satisfied by the end of the story.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Review: "Confessions of a Not It Girl"

"Confessions of A Not It Girl"

Yahn has a problem. She cant seem to find a boyfriend, plus her "it" best friend has had loads of them already! When Yahn meets one that she thinks might just be the one, it doesn't look like it will end up the way she plans. They have a fight, make up, but then everything starts getting awkward. Plus, they were never girlfriend, boyfriend in the first place! Will her dream come true? Or will she just have to keep searching? Find out in "Confessions of A Not It Girl" by Melissa Kantor.

This wasn't one of the best books that I have read. Almost all of it was about boys and didn't really have a main plot other than Yahn getting a boyfriend and about her best friends boyfriend (who thinks shes 21). It was still pretty fun to read though, it was light and different.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

In My Mailbox: week 2

How disappointing. No books for me this week! I am expecting some next week though.....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review: Princess in Pink

"Princess In Pink" by Meg Cabot

Mia's dream is to go to Prom with Michael, her boyfriend and her best friend's (Lily) brother. However, it doesn't seem like he is planning on asking her. Will Mia work up enough courage to ask him herself?

The prom isn't the only problem in this story! Mia and her family (Michael too) are eating out at a fancy restaurant, when little does anyone know until it happens, Genovian Queen, otherwise known as Mia's Grandmother, brought her dog with. When he jumps out of her purse and trips a busboy, causing him to get fired, Lilly starts a huge petition and breaks up with her long term boyfriend, Boris.

Now, it looks like prom is going to be canceled, and New York city is on strike. Find out what happens next in this exciting edition of the "Princess Diaries" book series by Meg Cabot!

This was such a good book! Meg has so many amazing teen books and all of the ones that I have read were so good! This was no exception! She does a nice job capturing an exciting "princess" feeling while at the same time giving Mia and the other characters real life problems that everyday teens might face. Applauds for Meg!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review: Parties and Potions

Parties and Potions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a witch? You could zap your shirt to a different color whenever you wanted, pop yourselves over to Hawaii for a day, and have a bunch of witch friends! In “Parties and Potions,” by Sarah Mlynowski, Rachel and her sister, Miri are witches. Actually they just found out that they were witches about half a year ago when Miri accidently made a lobster come back to life in a restaurant. Now that they are witches, they are learning all kinds of witchy stuff. They learn to juggle their studies, boyfriends, witch world, and real life. When Miri convinces Rachel to participate in a big witch event, the samsortas, they meet all kinds of witch friends and Miri even falls in love and has her first boyfriend. Rachel has something important to figure out, should she tell her non witch boyfriend, Ralph, about her being a witch, and what about her Dad? Rachel and Miri lead exciting lives, juggling their witch lives and regular people lives. Will they be able to do it? Read “Parties and Potions” to find out!

I really enjoyed reading “Parties and Potions” it was a fun read that was light and easy. It wasn’t too serious and the characters faced problems that an average teen girl might have. I liked the relationship that Rachel and Miri shared. It was so different from what a lot of authors do to their sister characters. Rachel and Miri seemed to be not only sisters but friends. Sure, they had a few small fights but nothing too serious. I liked “Parties and Potions” and it is the kind of book that I would like to read again!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review: Bog Child

Fergus, a normal boy in Ireland during the times of the 1980's is out with his Uncle Tally when he spots a bangle on the ground, then he sees that its on a hand, buried in the ground. Theres a dead person buried in there! Throughout the story, Fergus dreams of Mel, the buried girl, and her story is revealed to him. Throughout the story Fergus starts falling in love with Cora, the girl that is helping with Mel. Fergus is tricked into delivering little packets up the mountains every morning, but what are inside of the packets? Throughout this story Fergus has to deal with many different troubles in life and has to learn to deal with his emotions.

I really enjoyed reading "Bog Child" the ending was unpredictable. The author did a nice job making you see the emotions of the characters. The end of the story gets really interesting and exciting to read. It was nice, but sad. I hope you enjoy reading "Bog Child"!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Night World


I found this free ebook the other day, "Secret Vampire", which is the first in the "Night World" series by L.J Smith, and I just finished reading it. Normally, I wouldn't really think about reading this type of book but I found myself really enjoying it!

16 year old Poppy finds herself in the hospital the first real day of Summer vacation. Soon, she finds out that she is going to die. It might be a few weeks, or months, no one really knows. Her family is terribly sad, what family wouldn't be? Then, her only chance of living is in her best friend as the secret behind him is unfolded and she finds that if she changes her life with the help of him, she has a strong chance of living. What will Poppy choose? Thats for you to find out!

If you would like to read the free online e - book here is the link:


Friday, January 16, 2009

Girls In Pants, The Third Summer of the Sisterhood

I just finished reading this book the other day! It was so good! Since I liked it so much, I decided to do a review on it!

Anne's "Girls in Pants" is another amazing edition to her Sisterhood series. In the book, Lena has to figure out what she really wants to do, follow her Fathers wishes and not go to her dream, art school, or go against his wishes and find a way to go to art school anyways? Tibby seems to have plenty of hospital accourances in this book. Her 3 year old sister falls out of the window in Tibby's bedroom and so Tibby feels terribly guilty. Then, when Carmen's mom is in the hospital for something pretty serious, Tibby is there to help her through it. Carmen finds true love this summer of the sisterhood, and learns some valuable lessons!

I really enjoyed this book, I hope you will to!

Oh, I should post one of my favorite quotes in the story:

"There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up"

-Oscar Wilde

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 1: In My Mailbox

Have you ever been to a blog and read through there "In my Mailbox's?" I have really enjoyed reading them, so I decided to start one up! I must say, I dont get many books in my mailbox, but I will post the ones that I do!

For Week #1:

I received "Parties and Potions" by Sarah Mynlowski! I am so excited to read it! It looks really good! Here is the description on the book:

Lifes a ball when you're a witch. Literally! This year my sister Miri and I are both debuting at a magical party called a Samsorta, a debutante ball for witches. Thats right, Miri and I have just discovered that there's a teen-magic scene. Who knew? And not only do these witches use their powers to throw cool parties, but some of them also:
Zap up backstage passes to rock concert's and poof over to Paris for dinner.
Go to my school.
Are boys.
Yes, boy witches, like supercute and charming Adam, who might have a crush on me. Not that I'm interested. I have Raf. The boyfriend I'm madly in love with. Except that Raf-unlike Adam-can never, ever know I'm a witch. Unless someone tells him.

So, doesn't that sound terrific? Watch out for a review of it!

Here is the video trailer for the book:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Letter to Your Teacher


I had to do a "Letter to Your Teacher" assignment for school and thought I'd share it with you! I was supposed to state what kind of reader I think I am and if think "'reading' confined to just extracting the meaning from words on a page or is it something more?"

So here it is! If you would like, post your own "Letter to your Teacher" in the comment spot!

is involved in so many different aspects of life. People don’t really realize that we read not only from books and magazines, but also from reading the emotions on your friends face, or even looking at a picture is in a way, reading because by looking at the picture, you are “reading” that this is the setting of the story. I think that this type of reading might be one of the meanings of “reading between the lines.” Actually, I haven’t really ever thought about how we read through things like looking at your friends face, or checking to see if the pizza is ready to eat. I think that I am a good reader for various things. If I am reading a good book or magazine that I am really enjoying, I am a good reader. However if I am reading something that dose not interest me, I’m not such a good reader and tend to get distracted while reading, and in result not really being able to really take in what I read. I also think that a lot of people, who aren’t such a good reader when it comes to books, are fabulous readers when it comes to reading emotions, how much longer the cake should bake, or if it’s going to be a nice day out tomorrow. I think that everyone has at least a few good reading talents, and it’s good to learn what they are. Mine are reading good books, magazines, and reading emotions."

Book Review: "Uglies"

Review for: “Uglies”

What if you lived in a world where a normal looking person in our time would be considered ugly in there time? What if almost everyone that was 16 and older were beautiful, pretties? What if people didn’t drive in normal cars and they never got sick, what if peoples teeth never broke, chipped, and stayed white, what if all of this was the result of a surgery that you could get when you turned 16? This is all true in Tally’s world. We are considered, “rusties” and are pretty strange to this new generation of people that are living in the future. Tally Youngblood’s best friend is just a few months older than her. When there young, it doesn’t seem like that should make a difference. However, when your best friend gets the operation before you and moves into pretty town without you, you start feeling pretty left out. So when Tally sneaks off to pretty town to visit him, on the way home she meets a girl who is the same exact age as her. She doesn’t feel as lonely now that she has a new friend to spend the months of waiting to turn 16, and one of the best parts, her and her new friend will get to have the surgery together! However, when her friend decides to run of to “the smoke”, a small town where people that decided they didn’t want to turn pretty lived, Tally is hurled into all kinds of problems. She won’t be able to turn pretty, unless she betrays the smoke. Will she not only betray her good friend, but a whole community that means so much to so many people, or will she become attached to the city after all?

This is one of my favorite books. The author did an amazing job at making you feel like you’re almost with the characters. You feel the suspense when the time is right and start to really care about the characters. The book really gives you a different view of what we “rusties” are like. Our looks are considered ugly, and throughout the story the book doesn’t really try to hide that fact, as well as the dislike of some of our ways, so it might be offending to some people, but I really enjoyed it!

Who dosen't love a good contest?

I found this contest on bookmunch blog, enjoy!

And here is one for a signed copy of "The Season!"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm So Excited!

I'm so excited for "Being Nikki" by Meg Cabot to come out on May 5th. I read "Airhead," the first in the series, and I really enjoyed it! Watch out fora review on it soon! I'm hoping that I can snag an advance copy of it! *wink wink* I would also love to purchase "Airhead" someday, to add to my collection! Meg Cabot is such a great teen author. I also read Avalon High by her and loved that as well! Hmmm, I think that I should right a review on that one as well!

Anyways, what book are you looking forward to read in 2009 that hasn't yet come out yet?

Mermaid Park

"Mermaid Park" by Beth Mayall is one of my favorites. Amy is heading of with her family to go on a short vacation to Jersey shore where they will stay at her Mothers Godmothers apartment. While shes there, she discovers a park, mermaid park, where shows of mermaids take place. She has a urge to learn how to do what they do, stay under water so long. Amy starts falling in love and soon enough the 3 day vacation turns into a long stay for Amy as her family heads back to their home and she stays down south. I really enjoyed reading "Mermaid Park" and hope you will to!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 Aewsome Contesets!

Enter this contest! Plenty of teen books to choose from! Looks good! Please mention that Polo.Pony referred you! Thanks! Goodluck!
This one sounds good to!