Monday, February 24, 2014

5 Of the Most Extraordinary Sea inspired YA Books

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I have quite the hankering for anything sea/ocean related.  As a result, I devour every book that I can find that is somehow related to the ocean, selkies, the Titanic, or water in general.

All of these books have made it to my top 5 favorite books list (isn't that odd?!  All sea related!  Am I biased?)  and I can not recommend them more!

They say not to judge a book by it's cover..but all of these covers do the books justice and are just as wonderful of reads as there covers are beautiful.

Twenty Boy Summer:  Sea glass, sea glass, sea glass!!  Oh how I love it.  This is such a nice, light hearted, summer read that us a much harder and deeper underlying meaning that can really grab your soul and make you want to tell your boyfriend you love him!

Sea Change:  I can read this over and over again, Sulkies = < 3  And the cover is to DIE FOR!

Impossible:  I included both versions of the cover, the first being the newest one and the one that I own.  I love both, they each have their strengths.  I think the second is more depicting of the ocean, but they both are truly stunning.  Impossible is based on a celtic song "Scarborough Fair" - which you may have heard sung by Celtic Sisters.  I actually love this book so much I chose to review the sonnet it was inspired by as my Poetry paper for College Lit class.  (A+)

Distant Waves:  The dark contrasts and hallow dress that capture your eyes when looking at the cover are quite a symbol for what's to come in the pages it holds.  This book makes you wonder a lot and question the Titanic and paranormal activity in general...

Seven Tears Into the Sea:  This book is another one of my absolute favorites.  The cover is solid - the darker, stormier, tones that are used in contrast of what one usually pictures when thinking of the ocean depict the story well.  Seven Tears Into the Sea is a lovely book about sulkies, and fills me with nostalgia every time I think of it.

Are there any sea related books you've read that I must know about?