Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RESWYT - Sponsored Review

Reswyt (Dreamline)
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RESWYT by David Mayer, is a thrilling new Paranormal self published book on the market for Kindle users. Sabine Jahn, is living a hard life, having to move from her hometown and dealing with her Father dying in a car crash and her Grandpa disappearing, it is less than easy. In these months strange things have been happening, and from the lack of sleep she's been experiencing, she begins to find herself in a mystical realm in a realistic dreamland where she runs through the forest with wolves themselves. However, the fate of the realm is in the hands of some unlikely subjects, which include a dead French soldier, an Egyptian God, and very gifted boy. the question is, will she be able to help them save it?

RESWYT looks like a unique and interesting book, that I am looking forward to reading. I love the idea of a paranormal world in a realm between dreamland and real life, which takes a unique spin on the paranormals that we are used to reading. It's interesting to imagine, what if...what if there really is a portal that we can reach in REAL LIFE, that is similar to Sabines situation, where paranormalcy is reality? What do you think?