Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dark Guarding Novels Mini Reviews

Mini Review for the Dark Guardian Series by Rachel Hawthorne

"Moonlight" by Rachel Hawthorne
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Kayla has just recently found out about what she really is. She is now dealing with overwhelming feelings with quiet, dangerous, Lucas who acts more like a older brother to her, or maybe he's just buffering his wild emotions for her. Romance isn't the only exciting happening in "Moonlight," the first novel of the "Darklight" series, though. Humans have discovered the shape shifters and they all risk a frightening ending if much more information about them is spread.

"Dark Guardian" by Rachel Hawthorne
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Lindsey's mate had been chosen for her years ago...ever since she was a little girl everyone new that her mate was going to be Connor. They had it all planned out, however, they left out one thing...Lindsey's decision. Lindsey had always thought she loved Connor, she does love Connor, however, once she starts to feel attraction to Rafe things begin to change and she feels as if she may not have known what "real" love really felt like.....

"Dark of the Moon" by Rachel Hawthorne
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Brittany has been looking forward to the night of her change for a long time, however, she people begin to be worried for her own safety as she still has not found a mate to be with her the night of the change. It is said that every young women that has went through the change alone - has died. That's not all however. People begin to see other things that are different about Brittany than the other wolves. For one thing, she has to work to be fit. Could she be different than everyone else?

My thoughts on the Dark Guardian Novels

I enjoyed this series so much! They are somewhat short, but they have just enough mystery and romance to make for a great read. Once I started reading them, I was pulled in and was excited to continue reading on. I was disappointed at first when I started reading the second book, "Full Moon" and found out that the book wasn't about Kayla, but rather Lindsey, however, still enjoyed it and wasn't to disappointed in the end! I really enjoyed this series and can't wait for the next one coming out!

Wouldn't this make a great holiday gift? Especially if you pledged to give books for the holiday's!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Latest Scandal....well, according to us bloggers maybe

Twitter has been filled with talk this afternoon all about the new FTC regulation that is supposed to begin to take place starting December 1st.

In a rush of confusion, questions, and other ramblings, all of us has come to a agreement that this is definitely not something we are looking forward to.

According to the FTC, we need to disclose every review we post with where we got the book - for example, if we receive an ARC in the mail from say Harperteen, we need to write somewhere in the post a disclosure on it. Unless of course we either want to send the book back to the publisher after reviewing it or getting charged an $11,000 fee.

Does this also mean that we must include disclosure on swag that we have received for free? And it looks like we can't be doing IMM posts anymore. I think I shall do two a week until December 1st (lol)! And what about all of the Goodread users who write reviews?

One things for sure, there's going to be some changes in the blogsophere to come.

The question is...why are they doing this?

Check out this interesting post on this