Monday, October 5, 2009

The Latest Scandal....well, according to us bloggers maybe

Twitter has been filled with talk this afternoon all about the new FTC regulation that is supposed to begin to take place starting December 1st.

In a rush of confusion, questions, and other ramblings, all of us has come to a agreement that this is definitely not something we are looking forward to.

According to the FTC, we need to disclose every review we post with where we got the book - for example, if we receive an ARC in the mail from say Harperteen, we need to write somewhere in the post a disclosure on it. Unless of course we either want to send the book back to the publisher after reviewing it or getting charged an $11,000 fee.

Does this also mean that we must include disclosure on swag that we have received for free? And it looks like we can't be doing IMM posts anymore. I think I shall do two a week until December 1st (lol)! And what about all of the Goodread users who write reviews?

One things for sure, there's going to be some changes in the blogsophere to come.

The question is...why are they doing this?

Check out this interesting post on this


kalea_kane said...

That is crazy! I have been away for a short time and I am stunned. This is wild news. Going on to your link now. Thanks.

kml said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed visiting yours!

Have a good day!

Leslie said...

ok... i'm confused...

addicted reader said...

so wait...everything we review/comment on, we will have to pay? or return the material after read and reviewed?! this is crazy! well, i gues nothing is free anymore....:(

and if they are going to be strict on review books and such, like having to show proof, or whatever they are doing, Im sorry, but that is too much time to put into something you confused on what I should do...i dont want a charge or anything.

KayLynn said...

What?! I just got started with the wonderful blogging world, and now I'll have to pay? That bites :/

ApachesPrincess said...

Hi guys -

It is so confusing isn't it?!?

We won't have to pay if we properly disclose our reviews OR send back the books to whomever sent them to us. It also sounds like we can't link to Amazon or an authors website anymore. Its terrible!

biblio794 said...

This place is cool!

Nancy said...

I am your new biggest fan! What a beautiful writer you are- reading all of those books have made a lasting impression on you. I can't wait to read your first novel!I'm a bit (heee hee) older than you but feel I have found a kindred spirit, or as my husband calls it, "tribal member". He calls me White Squaw- (I call him Running Subway)as we have always dreamed of being Indians in some past life. We even have a tipi! I have work to do now, but will follow your blog and keep in touch. My poor horse, Tys, has Lyme disease, which is treatable but no fun. Where do you live? Do they have Lyme ticks there? Also, I rescued a Rocky Mountain horse, Jesse, who is on loan to a girl in Massachusetts. He may be coming home this winter... I also dread the days of frozen manure piles! You can see him on my husbands blog-
he's really adorable- Jesse and my husband!Your smile and enthusiasm is contagious.What a wonderful soul you are. Keep riding and writing and reading and gardening and all of the other wonderful things you are doing.
xoxo Nancy from Dark Horse Farm