Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review: Bog Child

Fergus, a normal boy in Ireland during the times of the 1980's is out with his Uncle Tally when he spots a bangle on the ground, then he sees that its on a hand, buried in the ground. Theres a dead person buried in there! Throughout the story, Fergus dreams of Mel, the buried girl, and her story is revealed to him. Throughout the story Fergus starts falling in love with Cora, the girl that is helping with Mel. Fergus is tricked into delivering little packets up the mountains every morning, but what are inside of the packets? Throughout this story Fergus has to deal with many different troubles in life and has to learn to deal with his emotions.

I really enjoyed reading "Bog Child" the ending was unpredictable. The author did a nice job making you see the emotions of the characters. The end of the story gets really interesting and exciting to read. It was nice, but sad. I hope you enjoy reading "Bog Child"!

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