Monday, January 5, 2009

Letter to Your Teacher


I had to do a "Letter to Your Teacher" assignment for school and thought I'd share it with you! I was supposed to state what kind of reader I think I am and if think "'reading' confined to just extracting the meaning from words on a page or is it something more?"

So here it is! If you would like, post your own "Letter to your Teacher" in the comment spot!

is involved in so many different aspects of life. People don’t really realize that we read not only from books and magazines, but also from reading the emotions on your friends face, or even looking at a picture is in a way, reading because by looking at the picture, you are “reading” that this is the setting of the story. I think that this type of reading might be one of the meanings of “reading between the lines.” Actually, I haven’t really ever thought about how we read through things like looking at your friends face, or checking to see if the pizza is ready to eat. I think that I am a good reader for various things. If I am reading a good book or magazine that I am really enjoying, I am a good reader. However if I am reading something that dose not interest me, I’m not such a good reader and tend to get distracted while reading, and in result not really being able to really take in what I read. I also think that a lot of people, who aren’t such a good reader when it comes to books, are fabulous readers when it comes to reading emotions, how much longer the cake should bake, or if it’s going to be a nice day out tomorrow. I think that everyone has at least a few good reading talents, and it’s good to learn what they are. Mine are reading good books, magazines, and reading emotions."

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