Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review: Parties and Potions

Parties and Potions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a witch? You could zap your shirt to a different color whenever you wanted, pop yourselves over to Hawaii for a day, and have a bunch of witch friends! In “Parties and Potions,” by Sarah Mlynowski, Rachel and her sister, Miri are witches. Actually they just found out that they were witches about half a year ago when Miri accidently made a lobster come back to life in a restaurant. Now that they are witches, they are learning all kinds of witchy stuff. They learn to juggle their studies, boyfriends, witch world, and real life. When Miri convinces Rachel to participate in a big witch event, the samsortas, they meet all kinds of witch friends and Miri even falls in love and has her first boyfriend. Rachel has something important to figure out, should she tell her non witch boyfriend, Ralph, about her being a witch, and what about her Dad? Rachel and Miri lead exciting lives, juggling their witch lives and regular people lives. Will they be able to do it? Read “Parties and Potions” to find out!

I really enjoyed reading “Parties and Potions” it was a fun read that was light and easy. It wasn’t too serious and the characters faced problems that an average teen girl might have. I liked the relationship that Rachel and Miri shared. It was so different from what a lot of authors do to their sister characters. Rachel and Miri seemed to be not only sisters but friends. Sure, they had a few small fights but nothing too serious. I liked “Parties and Potions” and it is the kind of book that I would like to read again!

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