Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review: Princess in Pink

"Princess In Pink" by Meg Cabot

Mia's dream is to go to Prom with Michael, her boyfriend and her best friend's (Lily) brother. However, it doesn't seem like he is planning on asking her. Will Mia work up enough courage to ask him herself?

The prom isn't the only problem in this story! Mia and her family (Michael too) are eating out at a fancy restaurant, when little does anyone know until it happens, Genovian Queen, otherwise known as Mia's Grandmother, brought her dog with. When he jumps out of her purse and trips a busboy, causing him to get fired, Lilly starts a huge petition and breaks up with her long term boyfriend, Boris.

Now, it looks like prom is going to be canceled, and New York city is on strike. Find out what happens next in this exciting edition of the "Princess Diaries" book series by Meg Cabot!

This was such a good book! Meg has so many amazing teen books and all of the ones that I have read were so good! This was no exception! She does a nice job capturing an exciting "princess" feeling while at the same time giving Mia and the other characters real life problems that everyday teens might face. Applauds for Meg!

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