Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday!

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme that was started by "breaking the Spine" blog! It is where we post a book that has not been released yet...but we want to read badly!!

I am waiting on : "Everything You Want" by Barbara Shoup!! It looks really neat!

"Eighteen-year old Emma’s trying to survive total humiliation and heartbreak after getting ditched and punched in the face by her

(ex) best friend and crush-of-a-lifetime. Now she’s struggling with

major post-high school stress, a lame social life, and tighter jeans

from a few extra anxiety pounds. Then one lucky lotto ticket

comes along, and everything changes for the better--or does it?

Now that she and her (mostly) functional family are fabulously rich,

life is a bigger mess than ever."

This one actually came out THIS month!!! However, I haven't heard much talk on it, so I decided to feature it anyways!

Sound good?

Pick up your copy here for only 27 cents!!!:


Steph Su said...

Don't know if it's my kind of book but that is DEFINITELY my kind of cover!

Bookworm said...

GOOSE! I luv that cover!

Amber[ella] said...

you have been splashed!! Click here for the details!