Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Review: "Avalon High: Coronation" by Meg Cabot

Book: "Avalon High: Coronation, The Merlin Prophecy (Volume 1)"
Author: Meg Cabot
Pg. Number: 107
Rating: 2 out of 5
Cover Rating: 3 out of 5

"Avalon High: Coronation, The Merlin Prophecy" is the second in the "Avalon High" series by Meg Cabot. Ellie's life isn't a typical teen girls life. In fact, she and her boyfriend are really people from the Arthurian age, even if they don't quite believe it. However, when she has to figure out how to convince Will to believe that he is King Arthur, before Friday night when the Zeinth of the hunters moon rises so that the world can have peace again. However, will Ellie be able to convince Will, even though shes not sure she believes herself? Among juggling with the knowledge of having a former life, being nominated for homecoming queen, and trying to get Will to believe that he is truly King Arthur, plus trying to get his family back together, Ellie for sure has on eventful life!

I was surprised to open the book, and find that its a comic! I expected it to be in written format, like the first book, "Avalon High", in the series. I read "Avalon High: Coronation The Merlin Prophecy" in about one hour tonight, and was disappointed. I didn't like how Ellie was portrayed as someone that was a bit to helpless at times. The story also was full of angry or sad parts, a lot of depressing parts for such a fast read! If you are looking for a quick read to help you get away from everyday life, you might enjoy this one but I suggest renting it from the library. Also, this book comes in parts so this is the first volume in the "Coronation" part of "Avalon High." While I loved Meg's first "Avalon High", I didn't really like this book, and it was not what I expected. However, I do applaud Meg Cabot on her wonderful writing talent that is easy to come by in her books, and how she is able to right both regular books as well as comics!

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