Friday, April 24, 2009

Gallagher Girls Chapter 3 Discussion!

Have you done your reading for the Gallagher Girls discussion?

Today the club is on THIS blog where we will be discussing chapter 3!

Here are a list of discussions that you can talk about in the comment section!

-What did you predict would happen after the buzzer went of at the beginning of the chapter?
-In chapter three, it mentions the three things you need to be if you show up on the steps of the academy without an invite, Persistence, Power, and completely out of other options. Do you think that those characteristics define you?
-Before Macey McHenry came out of the car, what did you think she would look like? Prissy and proper like her mother, studious and professional like her father, or rebellious and naughty?
-What do you think will happen with Macey? Will she end up going to Gallagher academy?
-Do you think the new teacher just might like the headmistress?

****Beware of Chapter 3 Spoilers in comment section******

I'm looking forward to chatting!!

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the epic rat said...

1. Buzzers are never good - I thought perhaps there might have been a break-in possibly. And the GG would see their teachers kicking butt (which I'm sure doesn't happen often)!

2. I thought the 3rd thing was interesting - "completely out of options." I suppose since not much is known of GG, I can see how it can be viewed as a "last resort" type of school.

Persistence would probably be best to describe me if I really wanted to be in GG (but honestly, I don't think I will make the cut for spydom). I lack power of any means and I am pretty sure that it wouldn't be my last option. If I arrive at the Academy's doorstep, then it means that I really want to be there.

3. I think I pictured Macey as the rebellious punk girl who somehow came into existence from 2 "normal" parents. The black sheep.

4. Oooh, I really hope not! I hope that this was just a passing character to illustrate how the Academy can transform to a boring school building.

5. Maybe, but it might be the other way around. I don't know. If I were in Cammie's shoes, I'd be weirded out if there is a romance between my mother the Headmistress and the new teacher.

Awesome questions!

I Heart Monster said...

I honestly thought they might have been invaded by spies or that maybe there was some kind of contaminant in their sensors or something.
-I anticipated a rebellious not so happy girl who looked normal though. My anticipation was way off the mark!
-I think she will end up at the academy. Though, I hope not. I think there was a little too much detail given for her to be a passing character.
-Maybe, baby. ;o)

Polo.Pony said...

Good answers!! It interesting to hear what you expected Macey to be like! I expected her to be a snotty girl with perfect complexion that thinks that she's everything...and would never smoke! I didn't expect her to be rebellious!

Jen said...

I actually thought it would either be some sort of attack or another science lab problem ^_^ Nice when something ordinary surprises you. I love the transformation!
- Not really ^_^
- To be out of options she would have to be incredibly rebelious!
- Hope so, I kind of like her.
-Totally, he seams to have known Cammie's parents pretty well too!

Thanks for the fun discussion!

Kate at Read This Book! said...

1) All I thought was "huh?" and kept reading. Didn't think much.

2) I think I would go to GG if I was completely out of other options.

3) I guessed she was a snobbish girl.

4) Maybe ;)

5) Nope, didn't really cross my mind.

Oh and it'd be good if the questions were numbered. It'd be easier to reply. xD

vvb32 reads said...

1. After the buzzer when off, I thought there might be a false alarm by way of a prank. You know, when someone pulls the fire alarm to create havoc in school.

2. Persistence, Power, and completely out of other options does not apply to me because I'm an easy going kind of person.

3. I figured Macey McHenry to be the rebellious and naughty - the one without other options type.

4. Yes, I think Macey will end up going to Gallagher academy because she doesn't have any other options instead of by choice.

5. I think the new teacher might like the headmistress. But, as a sister rather than lover. It will be interesting how my guess turns out.