Monday, April 6, 2009

Book Review: "Faery Rebels"

Book: "Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter"
Author: R.J. Anderson
Pages: 327
Rating: 4 out of 5
Cover Rating: 4 out of 5

Cover suggestion:
I think that it would have been neat if the cover had glitter on the faery wings and on some of the vines!


Knife has lived in a faery world that is different. There is hardly any magic in the lives of the faery's, and the faery's are afraid to adventure beyond the large oak that they live in. However, Knife is different. She wants to be free, shes not afraid of the outside world, and she is smart. When Knife starts sneaking out of the oak and meets up the crippled boy that lives in the house by the oak, new ideas and hopes open up for Knife. Though art was lost to her faery realm ages ago, Paul teaches her how to draw. Knife and Paul become friends, especially after Knife saved Paul from nearly killing himself in despair for his body condition. Knife starts to discover secrets that no one knew before. Knife feels the urge to learn more, and help break the mystery. However, her bond with Paul grows stronger, and she learns that faery's have actually lived with humans before, Knife has some serious choices to make. Will she decide the right things or will she bring the faery realm into a worse spot than what it is already at?

I really enjoyed reading "Faery Rebels!" R.J. Anderson portrayed the faery's differently than most stories and I enjoyed that. Knife was easy to like with her witty ideas and humor! I thought that the story moved along at a good pace and overall, I really like it. Even though the suggested age is 10+, I think that older readers will still enjoy it! I really hope that R.J continues the series with more "Faery Rebels!"

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