Sunday, April 12, 2009

Review: "Seven Tears Into the Sea"

Book: "Seven Tears Into the Sea"
Author: Terrie Farley
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Cover Rating: 4.5 out of 5

When Gwen Cooke was only ten years old, and when her family was still living next to Gram's place on the beach. Gwen woke up one night after sleepwalking onto the beach, and she woke up to a sight that would change her life seven years later. "Becken the Sea, I'll come to thee, shed seven tears, perchance seven years." said the strange man. After all of the rumors that floated around the village after the incident, and after Gwen and her family moves away to a different city, she decides to not come back until seven years later when her Grandmother needs her help at the bed and breakfast that she runs. Now, seven years later, the boy that she met on the beach when she was only ten years old returns to her and they begin to fall in love. However, when she finds out his true secret, what will Gwen decide to do?

I first started to become a fan of Terri Farley when I started reading and loving her "Phantom Stallion" series. Then I started reading her "Wile Horse Islands" series. Now, I have finally gotten the chance to read "Seven Tears Into The Sea" (Thanks Terri!) and absoluetly loved it! Terri did a great job incorporating the ancient Celtic stories with a modern girls live, in a believable, wonderful way. I thought that the story was pretty well paced. I really enjoyed "Seven Tears Into the Sea" and for sure suggest it!


Danielle said...

Oh, this looks really good. Is it a YA novel or Adult?

Polo.Pony said...

It is great! It is a young adult novel, so you should for sure try it out!

Danielle said...

I read the first chapter on Amazon and I'll definitely be buying it soon. Thanks for recommending and reviewing it!

Polo.Pony said...

Your welcome! I just posted a little amazon thingy here to click to purchase it, you can use that if you would like! The profits help out on blog contests :) Just wanted to let you know that!

Bookworm said...

I love Terri's horse series (though I still need to get started on Wild Horse Island), and this sounds beautifully written. Great review!