Monday, March 2, 2009

Model: A Memoir

Model: Memoir by Cheryl Diamond

Cheryl Diamond is 14, she wants to become a model. Shes pretty enough, actually, shes a little to pretty for some model agencies. She gets turned away because shes just a little to young, not enough experienced, and a little bit to short. However, when she comes to one certain agency, they love her. No matter that shes a few inches to short, she'll grow eventually. Everything is going wonderfully for her with this agency, they are treating her perfectly, they love her, she likes them. However, soon there agency has to close and shes back at square one. Cheryl waits until shes older, 16, and starts trying to find an agency again. She signs with one, and finds how much unfriendly they are compared to her former agency. Cheryl is rising to the top, and getting there faster than most. Her life is going good, until she signs with to do a fashion show, and a terrible thing happens to her and her job is ruined for the time. Will she be able to rise back to the top? Will she have to give up her modeling forever? Will her beauty ever be as it used to?

I loved this book. It is all true, and Cheryl has a extremely good writing style. Her writing makes you feel like you are right there with her. Her story is inspiring and teaches a lesson - reach for your dreams and never give up. This book isn't "clique" like you might think, since Cheryl is a lot more realistic than that. This book was wonderful! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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robin_titan said...

This one's going on my tbr list!