Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Review: Cracked Up to Be

Book: “Cracked up to be”

Author: Courtney Summers

Page Number: 214

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Cover Rating: 4 out of 5

Rented, bought, or won: Won in a wonderful contest (Thanks!)


“’It can’t be fixed, so let it go.”’(pg. 179) Parker Fadley was the popular girl, head of cheerleading, went, and was invited to parties, and tried to do everything perfect. She was tough on the cheer squad, and tough on herself, trying to get everything just right. However, after terrible disaster happens and she blames herself, Parker goes down hill. Now she is struggling in school, having to go to the school counselor, and on top of all of that, the new boy is falling in love with her. The question is, will Parker learn to move on and forgive herself? Will others learn to forgive her? Will she start loving and turn back into the daughter her parents used to know? The best way to find out is by reading the story, “Cracked Up to be” by Courtney Summers!”

Courtney Summers did a great job portraying the feelings of Parker throughout the story. It was neat how she included the flash backs which helped the reader understand why Parker is in the state that she is. I enjoyed this book, however it got a little frustrating how when it looked like Parker might just turn around for the better, it seemed like she always came crashing back down again. I think that it would have been nice if something really good came up for Parker in the story, making her a little happier maybe. Overall, it was a pretty good book but I do wish that there could have been a follow up, an afterward, with how Parker is doing and add a little bit more happiness to the story.

Now it’s your turn, what did you like and dislike about the book? Would you read it again?


Danielle said...

I loved this book so much. Glad you enjoyed it!

Tiqa Khairi said...

Oh hell. I really want to read this book! It sounds so interesting