Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Book Review: Taken By Storm

Michael loves to dive. His love of water, his ability to dive, and strength from diving are probably a few of the only reasons the he survived the hurricane that killed both his parents, as well as almost everyone else in the little diner on the sea. He feels that it is his fault his Mother drowned and wishes upon wishes that things could be the same again, and that he could dive again. However, when Michael meets Leesie, things start looking up! Leesie is a Mormon and has set plenty of rules for herself to keep, some of them including keeping her feet on the floor, and not making out. However, sometimes rules are meant to be broken, right? Especially once Michael and Leesie start growing closer to each other and help each other in more ways that they didn't imagine. What will happen with Leesie and Michaels relationships? Will they learn to look forward to the future and except each others differences?

"Taken By Storm" is a great novel by Angela Morrison. Leesie and Michaels relationship was truly beautiful and the characters were easy to get attached to. You wanted things to go right for Michael and Leesie - even though if everything had gone right I know the story wouldn't have gone nearly as well as it did. Angela tells Michaels stories through dive logs and Leesie's through her written poems and chat logs, which is really neat! Sometimes Michaels character was a little bit frustrating though because of his prying on Leesie and how he was sad or mad a lot of times, which does make sense since his parents died, but I would have enjoyed it if there some more scenes where Leesie and Michael are both together having a good time. One of the things that I would change though is the suggested age to 13 instead of 12, which isn't that much of a difference, but it has some parts in it that girls 12 and younger might not enjoy as much! "Taken by Storm" is a book of love and death and breaking the rules at time. I know that pretty much everything I said about this book is good, but sometimes you cant even help it, right? I enjoyed it, and hope that you do to!

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