Monday, February 9, 2009

"The Season"

Three girls and best friends, Vivi, Alex, and Ella, are now beginning their Season, and truthfully, they aren't looking forward to it. They just aren't interested in getting married of to some boy who hardly talks of anything other than themselves. While Vivi believes that there really is "the one" waiting for everyone, Ella and Alex aren't quite so sure. That is, until Alex starts falling for her friend, Gavin, that she has know for years, and he starts falling for her. Their friendly relationship that they shared their whole lives starts to tumble as they fight more often than what they used to, but yet their love still grows. When the mystery of Gavin's Fathers murder starts to unfold and Alex finds herself wrapped up in it as well and Gavin and Alex start loving each other more, will they accept their change in emotions and figure out the mystery? Find out in "The Season" by Sarah MacLean.

I just finished reading "The Season" today, and wow. Sarah MacLean did a fabulous job, especially considering that this is her first book written. If I ever got to choose to live in a different time period, this would be the one that I would pick. Sarah does a nice job tying exciting events, mystery, murder, and love all into 336 page book. "The Season" is for sure a good choice for a young adults next book read!

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