Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: Wake

"Wake" by Lisa McMann

Janie is almost normal, the one thing that separates her from everyone else is her ability to be inside of other peoples dreams. At first she sees it as a terrible thing, and regrets it happening. However, things get more difficult the higher grade she enters and when she starts working at the nursing home to earn money for college. When a lady at the nursing home dies, she also leaves Janie a note about her dreams and a good hunk of money for college. Janie learns that its not so bad to be in other peoples dreams, and she even learns how to help them out in their dreams. She even figures out how to use them to help solve a mystery that involves drugs. Throughout the story, Janie also has to struggle through boy problems and they learn some important things about each other. What will happen with the rest of the story? Thats for you to find out!

I enjoyed reading "Wake" it was one of those books that you constantly are reading! However, after finishing, I was asking myself "what were the main points of the story?" However, I still really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading "Fade!"


Melange said...

I have Wake on my TBR, thanks for the review, I'll try to fit it in this year!

Emily Ruth said...

AAHHH I've been wanting to read wake for so long..

robin_titan said...

Loved this book and the second one too, I can't wait for the third!!!