Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Book Review: Pine Hollow, Changing Leads

Pine Hollow: Changing Leads

After the horrible accidental crash that occurred in a previous book were Stevie was driving and Scott Foresters sister ends up injured, Scott just cant seem to forgive Stevie, event though it was an accident. It gets harder though when Scott and Stevie's boyfriend, Phil, start spending more time together and become friends. Will Stevie reach breaking point? Or will she keep basking in her troubles? Lisa is back home from her visit with her Dad. She's happy to be back, but feels like she doesn't quite fit in like she used to anymore. Especially since Stevie and Carol started hanging out with another girl. Will Lisa learn to accept the changes? Carol is also having troubles of her own. She tells her best friends almost everything, especially important horsey news! However, that changes when Max, her boss and Pine Hollows owner, makes her promise secrecy to an important event in Lisa's riding horses life. Will Carol tell her best friends? Or will she stay true to Max, even if it gets her into trouble with Lisa and Carol? Bonnie Byrant has created a wonderful new series, "Pine Hollow", especially for girls that grew up loving and reading her "Saddle Club" series. The "Pine Hollow" series has the same characters, Stevie, Carol, and Lisa, but they are teens now, and therefore are changing. Were as the "Saddle Club" books are meant to be for a younger age group, preteen (but they are still aewsome reads for teens!!), "Pine Hollow" will excite and meet the reading expectations of an older audience, in their teens. I really enjoy this series, and this book in particular, and suggest it to anyone that loves the "Saddle Club" as well as anyone that adores horses! Enjoy!

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