Saturday, February 21, 2009

Book Review: To Catch a Pirate

"To Catch a Pirate"

Analisa is on a ship with her Father and the crew when they get attacked by pirates. Analisa hides but is found by one of the pirates, and in exchange for her freedom she gives a ring and he takes a stolen kiss. Now, her Fathers in jail and she wants to get him out. Analisa buys her own ship and starts the journey to get back the treasure, probably the only way to prove that he is innocent. They capture James Sterling, whom is the only one other than Crimson that knows where the treasure is. Soon though, Analisa finds herself falling in love with James, and he surprisingly starts falling in love with her. Will they find the treasure? Will Analisa loose the love of her life?

"To Catch a Pirate" was such a wonderful story! Analisa is different than a lot of characters, she is bold, strong, and very courageous. She sets out with a ship of her own! I really enjoyed this book and suggest reading it!!



Amy said...

this looks cool...i love the adventure/romance theme!

Bostan natsuko said...

I didn't like it, but props to you.