Saturday, March 5, 2011

666 Park Avenue.

666 Park Avenue

There’s the chic – high society, Gossip Girl books. There’s the haunting Twilight series. Both loved by many, teens and adults alike, but reading “666 Park Avenue” by Gabriella Pierce is like indulging into a mixture of the best of both worlds. Paranormalcy mixed with high society makes this book unique and keep you hanging on to find out what’s going to happen next.

Jane has fallen head over heels with her fiancé, Malcolm and after living her entire life in France, they head to the family home in New York. After stopping at her Grandmothers, her only family member that she has left, to announce her exciting news and say goodbye, she finds out that she died and finds a disturbing letter and ring to go along with the news. Jane, trying to ignore her newly found powers, keeps it a secret from her fiancé and plays along with her to-be stepmother’s crazy wedding plans that have nothing to do with Jane’s own wishes. However, she soon begins to unravel the horrifying secrets of the family that she is marrying into and realizes her step mother’s ulterior motive, and begins to hide her powers from her step mother until her and Malcolm can safely escape after the wedding and vanish from the New York scene. However, as Jane’s own powers begin to grow, she finds out an even more terrifying secret that Malcolm had been keeping from her, and finds her in a deadly position. Will Jane find her way back to safety? What will happen with her relationship with Malcolm? There’s only one way to find out.

I really enjoyed reading this novel; it was so different from any other paranormal book that I’ve read and was such a nice change! I am excited that this will be a series and will be anxiously awaiting the next. When I look back at reading the book, in some aspects I feel like the characters were at time, hard to relate to and “really” get in their heads and feel what they were feeling like some books, however the great story line, the vivid writing, and the occasional haunting feel well made up for it and I was pleased to find that “666 Park Avenue” is a book that I would recommend!

I received a copy of this book to review and give my 100% honest opinion on.

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