Monday, February 28, 2011

What my Kids would think of I was abducted by Martians

Have you ever wondered, "what would happen if you were abducted?" Or if there really were aliens? I remember a few months ago, my little brother came barreling into my bedroom and proclaimed that something was really weird in the sky that night. There was a group of stars that weren't just "twinkling" they were moving, really moving! Nope, not an airplane or satellite. Doing extensive internet research we came up with one solution. A UFO (unidentified flying object).

When I heard about this opportunity I knew I had to take it, the prompt being, "What would your kids think if you were abducted by martians?"

Well, first off.....

1) I'm sure I would be abducted in the middle of the night. Probably while I was outside through the woods checking to make sure the horses gate was latched shut or the clippers were put away because I couldn't sleep thinking of the "what ifs...." No one would hear my screams, no one would know. Except Bailee and Figment, but they would probably just wonder why I was being so obnoxious and continue munching on their hay. I suppose stranger things could happen!

Anyways, when my kids wake up in the morning, they probably would first wonder why Mommy let them sleep in so late. At first I believe they would be happy to sleep in, but pretty soon they would begin to miss morning kisses.

2) This one is definite - they would miss my cooking.

3) They would very much miss my help feeding the horses, and exercising them, and scooping manure, and, and, and....

4) Bed time kisses.

5) Cleaning!

6) Trips to the park. How they love going on bike rides to the park, and who would swing their swings? And strap their helmets on? Kiss their scrapes when they fall?

7) Grocery shopping, it's so hard to do when you don't know what your looking for or where to find it. I can't imagine my kiddos grocery shopping alone!

8) Fort builders. All the days of building fancy elaborate forts out of pretty blankets and fluffy pillows would be gone. It's so much harder to play pirates or by Alladin and Jasmine without a fancy hide out!

9) Making popcorn. They love when I make homemade popcorn and cuddle up with them to watch a movie, we would both miss this!

10) To and from horseback riding lessons. This one would be much missed from all three kiddos! Hunter jumping training isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle for all of us!

Its amazing to even imagine being abducted by martians. I know I would miss my family just as much as they missed me, ALOT! It would truly be a terrible adventure!

What would your family miss if you were abducted by aliens?

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