Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Share the Happiness!

When I was given the prompt to write a post on the “little ways I share happiness with people around me” a few different things popped into my mind. Right now, I am in the middle of the mountains, we are the only people staying at this campground, the water tastes like chlorine, it’s poring out and super windy, and tomorrows my birthday. Oh, did I mention it’s supposed to snow tonight? In California? While the snow is melting and turning into slush in Minnesota? Ha! Well, it’s easy to dwell on the sorry things in this story that I’m living right now, but it’s so much more fun to look at the other side of it – the happy side. When your happy, everyone else around you seems to feed of your positive energy and embrace it, even if your experiencing less than perfect circumstances at the time!

~Laugh. It’s so easy, to look at the bad things and instead of cry, laugh. A real belly laugh. Think of when you’ll be remembering your story five years from now, you will be laughing, so lets embrace and let the laughter come quicker! One person laughing will soon be two, three, and before you know it, everyone will have a smile on their faces.

~One of my favorite things that seem to have gotten lost as media has developed are letters and sweet little packages. I love to send a hand written card to someone special, a friend, or a family member. Package it up with pretty bows and it will bring a smile to the receivers face, knowing that you thought of them.

~Sharing a compliment is a sure way to bring happiness to someone’s day. Kind words are so easy and take hardly any time to say, and they will stay with someone for the entire day, week, month, or longer, giving them that extra bounce in their step and self esteem. I still remember when we stopped at a gas station and I complimented a lady on her hair, the surprise on her face surprised me!

~Putting yourself down. This is one I catch myself doing sometimes. It’s so simple to do, saying that your bad at certain things puts a negative feeling in the air. Embrace what you are good at and don’t dwell on the things that you still are working on, it sets a good example on everyone else!

How does your mind garden grow? My goal is to have one full of happiness, bright cheery flowers to be picked and handed out to everyone around. What colors yours?

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