Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review..."Fallen Grace"

Fallen Grace

Grace, just shy of 16 who cares for her older sister by a year, Lily, as if she were the older of the two rather than the other way around finds herself and Lily living in the harsh poverty that many of Londons citizens faced around the time of the 1840’s. Grace and Lily struggle to make enough money by selling watercress on the streets, while trying to move up in ranks in the world, and while Lily’s hoping her Father that left for sea when they were young would return, Grace struggles with the sadness and that came from the death of her baby and the struggles of their current conditions. However, soon a advertisement in “The Mercury” announced that whomever found Lily and their now passed away mother would receive ten percent of the huge amount of money left behind for them. However, Lily and Grace have no idea that the entire law community of London is abuzz over them and when the secret unfolds, and Grace has figured out the vulgar secret of their current employers, she must find a way to make things right again.

Though the characters may be fictional, they seem as real as the historical accuracy in a good historic novel, such as “Fallen Grace” written by Mary Hooper. In “Fallen Grace” the characters are told in such a manner that you begin to relate to them in a unique way, as if you were a family member trying your best to look after them yourself. I found “Fallen Grace” to have a lot of great aspects, the time setting was perfect and I really enjoyed a story about a different type of trade that two poor sisters had found themselves in, funerals, which then forth piques the reader’s interest of the effects of cholera and the harsh burying situations that had become so apparent in those trying times. “Fallen Grace” was a wonderful historical fiction that was clever and unique at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to more of Mary Hoopers works!

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