Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yes Please!

Love and Lavender

Let me tell you a little secret.....

.....my family and I live in the middle of the woods in a rural area. We have two horses, one dog, and 7 cats (we just had 5 kittens last week). I truly can't imagine living in the cities, or even in a small town. Nope, I love the country life. Especially since the lake is just a walk through our woods away!

However....ever since High Definition TV made it's way into our life, we have right around 6 TV channels with two of them being music video channels. Now, we never used to watch much TV at all, and even less now, but it is nice to relax with the occasional show every now and then, which is why I find Verizon FiOS pretty interesting.....

.....I'll be frank, I only just discovered Verizon FiOS around a month ago. I am an all around Verizon girl, so I was interested to hear about it.

The feature that caught my eye the most? Verizon FiOS has advanced fiber optic technology (did ya get that? I didn't.) so it makes for better pixelation, less interruptions and wallllaaaah and not as much weather interruptions! HDTv is starting to look up....

And it's not to shab when you look at the fact that it's been rated #1 for overall quality and customer care, and value in the 2010 "American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Survey for the largest subscription TV service providers."

It's not just for the TV though. It's for your cell phone. You can finish last nights TV show on your cell phone....nifty!

And on top of that? You can Tweet and Facebook AND Youtube from your TV using your remote! Crazy indeed!

FiOS isn't just for your cell phone and TV. Nope, it's your internet as well. Tonight I've actually been having problems staying connected to the internet on my laptop, while it's better now, earlier I was resetting the router a sad amount (at least I got my exercise running up and down the steps!) however with FiOS, that issue is close to resolved because it's on of the top rated high speed internet service with very fast speed and very clear video.

While I am happy right now with our 6 TV channels and our internet and cell phone service (through Verizon), I can't help but eye Verizon FiOS and think of what can be done with it.....definitely time efficient and more multi tasking opportunity's that us ladies are so good at ;)

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