Monday, May 23, 2011

Nothin Like the Summer


A large portion of my life has been spent on the road, traveling with my family. We have spent four winters in the camper traveling through Texas, Florida, and California, months at a time. Traveling is second nature to us, and we have stumbled across some amazing sights because of it. Sights that I think that every kid should see and would make wonderful Summer escapes.

Yosemite National Forest:
Yosemite is aaaaabbbbsoooolutely breathtaking. The moment you enter the park it is just stunning and magnificent. We went in the Winter with our camper, but had to leave only a day later because of a snowstorm that was coming in ( on top of the already 5 foot in some areas snow!) - and we would not be able to get out with our camper! It is definitely a place to go in the Spring, Summer, or even Fall. Treck your way past Vernal Falls on the Mist trail and with the sun behind your back, and if the falls are so full that you are getting splashed, you just might capture a full rainbow right in front of you! (tip from "The Photographers Guide to Yosemite") Gorgeous indeed and what a photo opp!

San Francisco:
San Francisco must be my one of my favorite city's that I've visited. It is so full of life and history, surprising and exciting things to be found in every corner. The countryside of San Francisco is equally gorgeous, be sure to visit the beach (no swimming - sharks!) and the lighthouse. It's quite a trek down stairs that are equivalent to 30 stories, but hey, it's good exercise right?!

Image taken by myself - San Francisco Light House

Tarpon Springs Florida:
Tarpon Springs tops my list for another favorite town. It is Grecian goodness all around, sporting a small town vibe, it is just a lovely atmosphere to spend the day meandering around exploring the little shops, checking out the aquarium, having some delicious ice cream, and ending the day with some dancing found right around the corner.

North Padre Island Texas:
While South Padre is the go to town tourist town, I have a special place in my heart for North Padre Island. Secluded and not busy at all, with dunes that you might here Coyotes howling in at night, horseback riding on the beach, and a less teenagery touristy vibe than other beaches, it is a great place to visit.

Calico Ghost Town (California):
This was one of my favorite campgrounds to stay at. It is a revamped old Silver miners town and has a old grave site, a mine to walk through, lots of shops to meander through, and is a great place to explore. A wonderful place to bring the family!

What are you favorite destinations? Any funny traveling stories? I know that I have a few...but we'll save those for another post!

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