Friday, April 1, 2011

Shanti Generation {DVD Review}

When I received "Shanti Generation" I expected a lot from the DVD. There are a lot of yoga DVD's and materials out there, so I was hoping this one might set standards. However, I was disappointed.

"Shanti Generation" is unique from other Yoga DVD's because it focuses on teens. There are many younger kids yoga materials and there are of course, many adult products. However, not a lot of teen materials on yoga, and so "Shanti Generation" is one of the few in the niche.

When I opened my package, the DVD's weren't very secure. The packaging is eco friendly (Yes!) however, the DVD's have a hard time staying in! The DVD holder flap opens like a book, so it doesn't stay secure if your DVD slips out of the slot, which it does often. Especially if you grab the case quickly, or if your holding it upside down - say, reading the back.

I still had some hopes for this little DVD, as I popped it in my laptop to watch. However, I didn't much enjoy the format and thought that the poses were too easy. However, I have been practicing yoga for a few years now, so that may be part of it. I think it would be good for a very new beginner ages 9-13.

The yoga studio that they filmed the movie in, was nice, however!

While this might not have been the DVD for me, it really depends on the person! There are a lot of different yoga styles and personalities to boot. I like very active yoga and enjoy a challenge, always pushing myself. This DVD definitely has a more relaxing, calming feel, which would be great for a lot of kids and teens to escape from the hectic life they lead!

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