Monday, February 8, 2010

The BEST Bookshelf for Book Lovers!

bookcase tree by shawn soh

I'm sure my fellow book lovers can agree with me that we have soooooo many books, for me, my room is over flowing with them! I have books in almost every corner! I have even started using them as decoration!

This bookcase would be a simple solution to make a room more interesting, add a decor element to your room, and of course, store your books!

Love at first sight.

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La Coccinelle said...

That is so cute!

Of course, my bloated collection would probably snap all those pretty little branches... :)

Ella Press said...

i love that! it's so cool <3
i'd definitely love to have it in my room ;)

I Heart Monster said...


Morgan said...

It kind of reminds me of the book "Linger" by Maggie Stievfer.

I wish I could have that in my room.