Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey, Friendly Fellas!

I found this image on the other day and like it so much! So I felt like using it! lol!

So, I just thought that I should make a post with a few updates. I'm so sorry that I haven't been on and updating as much as usual, I've been so busy with my brothers birthday, shooting sports (archery), among other things! And now, not next week but the two after that, I will be working for my Grandma in her daycare and I'm not sure if my laptop will have connection there! So, I will try to schedule some posts, which I have never done before, but we shall see! :)

I have a new review up on my other blog for this adorable dress which I am wearing right now as I type this! You should for sure check it out!

Thank you to my brother for showing me that you can make blue links using blogger!! Yay!! That makes things so much easier!

Also, I will most likely be posting a few GREAT giveaways on the blog mentioned above, so you should for sure follow so you are in the know!

Right now, I am reading "Secret Society" which I am only on page 8 so far! Last night I finished "Love, Lies, And Texas Dips" by Susan McBride, which you can expect a review for soon!

Ohhh, and yesterday I went to Borders and was walking along and glanced two teen books in the sale shelf!!! I quick walked back and it was a "Gossip Girl" book and a "Clique" book! And the best part was that they were only 3.99! So, I bought them of course. However, later that day when I pulled the books out of the bag, guess what I noticed?? A Walmart price tag on both of them! LoL! What is Borders doing selling Walmart books?

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should read next?

Look forward to a review of "Prada and Prejudice" coming up next!!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Society and Prada reviews!