Friday, June 5, 2009

My Wishlist

Alyssa from The Shady Glade blog, , posted a list of all of her books that she is wishing for, new, or older! So, I decided to post one of my own!

These are all books that I would love to have, and would be willing to trade for! I have some pretty good books to trade for them if you are willing, including "The Awakening" by Kelley Armstrong (as well as others)! So, feel free to email me if you have any of these that you would want to trade for!

-Gemma Doyle Trilogy books
-Before I die
-Coffeehouse Angel
-Dream Girl
-North of Beautiful
-Something Maybe
-Living Dead Girl
-Princess of the Midnight Ball
-Amaranth Enchantment
-Saving Juliet
-If I Stay
-The summer I turned pretty
-Last Winter (Kate Brian)
-Sleepaway Girls
-Thirteen Reasons Why
-Because I am Furniture
-The Black Sheep
-Sarah Dessen Books
-When It Happens
-On Pointe
-Braless in Wonderland
-The Juliet Club
-Lipstick Apology
-Girl At Sea
-Suite Scarlett
-If I have a wicked stepmother, wheres my prince?
-Sloppy Firsts
-Frogs and French Kisses
-Hush: An Irish Princesses Tail
-I was a teenage Popsicle
-My Fair Godmother
-I Heart You, You Haunt Me
-A Certain Slant of Light
-How I found the Perfect Dress
-A Kiss in Time
-A Sweet Disorder
-The Kings Rose

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I Heart Monster said...

I've got the Gemma Doyle books... I'll know if I can find them in Wyoming when I go there in about 2 weeks... I'll send them to you if you want! I've got the third one here and I don't really plan to finish it.