Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eve by Anna Carey


Smart, talented, and attentive Eve is excited to graduate the all girls school that she has spent her life in since the plague struck her world. She's thrilled to become a graduate and move up to studying for her task. However, the night before she's to graduate, she discovers the fate that all of the girls are truly destined to, and knows she needs to escape, any way she can. With some help, she is out and free. However, it is now just the beginning of a frightening and life changing journey to safety for Eve, the question is, will she make it?

I have been excited to read "Eve" for some time now, and was satisfied with the book. Though I couldn't always relate well with the characters and sometimes got very frustrated them, the storyline was lovely and such an interesting point of view. Well after reading this book, I kept thinking about it. What would happen if a plague really did take over and the government abused their powers? Would we all just go along willingly, blindly trusting only to be tricked? Or would we be smarter than that? What would I do? These are all questions that I have been asking myself since reading "Eve." "Eve" was a wonderfully haunting book, and I enjoyed reading Anna Careys first book in this trilogy.


Petra @ Safari Poet said...

I read mixed things about this book. I like the sound of, but am still not sure about it. Glad you enjoyed it :-)

Safari Poet

Miss Book Love said...

Iv been on and off about reading this book but i think i might give it a try :D btw love your blog im recently new to book blogging so im still gettin my sea legs! but i love your blog! keep up the good work <3


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