Thursday, July 7, 2011


Amelia died, however, all she knows is she drowned in the river and a few very small random facts that had came rushing back at her through the years. She doesn't know how old she is, who her family is, what kind of person she was, or how she died, or why she is still aimlessly wondering on earth, alone and confused. That is, until she saves Joshua's life and finds that he can see her. Soon an unrealistic to most, romance begins and with the comes feelings that Amelia never new she could feel again, and danger that she didn't know was possible.

"Hereafter" captivated me after reading only a few pages in. It pulled me in and didn't let me out again until I was too tired to keep my eyelids open. It was such a beautiful book and the characters feel real and like you wanted to help them. I enjoyed that Joshua was so accepting of Amelia even though he was human and she was ghost, I felt like that was more realistic than how many books turn the "discovery" into a frightening unbelievable drama for the person "discovering." It was a nice change! I did feel as if their relationship should have developed through the story a bit more, it almost felt choppy in some places and like it was moving at an odd pace skipping from spot to spot. I very much enjoyed reading "Hereafter" and look forward to reading more from Tara Hudson!


Ondrej from James Patterson Book List said...

Sounds like an interesting concept, even though probably nothing for me personally.

online bookshop said...

Wow this story is awesome i would love to read this book once asap. Your review is great thanks for sharing the post.

here you can find said...

Appears to be like an interesting book! But I also really really like the psychological areas of a guide too. Can't hold out to try this one.