Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Health Benefit decisions to make in an hour

Right now, our world is experiencing higher and higher rates of obesity. Not just in adults either, it is happening in our children and teens as well! Adults, we all need to set good examples for the younger generations to help them live a longer, healthier lifestyle. By setting good examples, you will not only be helping yourselves, but you will be helping our country! Way for an incentive! We find it hard sometimes though, to find the right health care plan, and to find ways to save money and think smart when finding one. Think about these tips in your search!

1. Is being healthy important to you?
Did you know that 25% adults have skipped their annual physicals? Or how about that about 10% have canceled their gym memberships? And all of the adults were insured? (Stats) Are you one of them? While you might be thinking that your saving money at time, you actually aren't in the long run! A lot of health plans pay for your physicals and even sometimes offer a discount for your gym membership. It's healthier to stay healthy.

2. Generic VS. Prescription
Switching to generic from prescription can save you possibly over $1000 a year, and it is recommended by many doctors. This is an easy option worth looking into if you have a lot of prescriptions, that have very similar generic options. (consult doctor first with this decision)

3. Compare
It's always a great idea to compare your health care plan with others. Take a look around at other plans, one plan isn't for everyone! Even though your current plan might be great for you sister, it might not be the one for you! There are many different benefits that different plans offer, find the one that's right for you!

4. Talk
One thing you don't want to do when your searching for a new health care plan is quickly choose one and be done with it. Go over the different options carefully with your spouse and really think it through - it's for your family, everything has to be as perfect as possible, take the time to make it possible!

5. Use your benefits!
When you have a health care plan, it is important to use your benefits! If your health plan offers free check ups, dental cleaning, eye checks, and more, be sure to use them! Always know what your plan offers and be sure to take use everything to the extent. By doing this, you will be using the benefits that you are paying for, and keeping yourself healthy at the same time!

See, it's not so hard to make simple changes in one hour to help save money with your health care plan. It's always important to check things over and make sure they suit yours and your family's lifestyles. Remember that it's ok to change things if other things in your life change as well! And don't forget, to take advantage of those benefits, it will lead to a healthier YOU!

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