Friday, September 24, 2010

Earn free Amazon Giftcards Easily!!

It seems like us book bloggers are always spending money on Amazon - it is the hot spot for buying books as they are much cheaper than purchasing them at places like Barnes and Noble or Borders - even Walmart or garage sales sometimes! Thats were Swagbucks comes in handy.

I have been eyeing a few things on Amazon lately - a new ipod dock, a few different books, and most of all a Olympus 50mm f/2.0 Telephoto Macro ED Lens for E1, E300 & E500 Digital SLR Cameras!! I can hardly wait to finally buy this lense, it is amazing! Anyways - back on topic. This lense costs $438.99 on Amazon - and thats way cheaper than if you bought it at a retail store, BUT it's still just a wee bit expensive for my budget (ok, more than a wee bit!) and so I've been saving up my Swagbucks to earn enough Amazon gift cards to buy it for free - or at least a lot cheaper!

I am already up to I think close to $60 in free Amazon gift cards that I've earned from swagbucks! This is the only place that I've stuck with to earn giftcards - and the only place I've actually earned a gift card with! All you have to do is use Swagbucks to search - pretend its Google, type in the same things as you would in Google and randomly, you will earn swagbucks! This is a great way to earn a few extra dollars to spend on Amazon! I've even heard of bloggers earning enough gift cards to get a free Wii on Amazon!

Search & Win

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