Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review: "Flirting With Boys" by Hailey Abbott

Book: "Flirting With Boys"
Author: Hailey Abbott
Pages: 240
Rating: 4 out of 5
Cover Rating: 4 out of 5

Celeste is not looking forward to her summer vacation. She has to spend it working at her families resort and just wishing that her boyfriend Travis was there with her. However, her summer starts looking up when Travis and a few of his other buddies pull a stunt that gets them into trouble. As punishment for what Travis did, he has to work the summer away - which means saying goodbye to surfing in the ocean and hello to long days. However, Celeste comes up with the perfect plan and convinces her Dad to hire Travis so Celeste and him can be together for the whole summer! Now thats the kind of summer that Celeste can get excited about! However, why does Travis seem as if he dosen't want to spend the summer with her? And why does he keep messing the job up? And what about Celeste's growing feelings for one of the resorts clients? One things for sure - this is going to be a summer to remember!

"Flirting With Boys" was a really enjoyable book! It was a fun beachy read. However, I did at times get a little annoyed with how Celeste wouldn't realize how much better she can do than Travis. He was so stuck on himself at times! Overall, this was a fun book to read and perfect for a warm summer day. I looke forward to reading more of Hailey Abbots books!


mstohl said...

I love beach reads that are actually beachy! Great review. I'll keep my eye out for it. :)

Ella Press said...

The same thing happened to me with Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. Sometimes I wondered if Halley was stupid or there was sth wrong with her, it wa so annoying. A good book, but that was a - .

Kate said...

I want this for a summer beach read. Now all I need is the right weather, a nice beach and a day off.

kitkat27 said...

The book was a complete success! I loved it!!!!! I wish there was a sequel to it. :(